For more than 75 years Huima Specials has developed and produced high-quality drive systems and components in various branches of the industry all over the world.

Many years of gathering knowledge and experience have resulted in our ability to provide a concrete and workable solution for your specific gear system.

Our method is as simple as it is effective. You decide how you want us to be involved. We can either be just a sounding board or we can design, produce and test a specific solution. In our long existence we have used our expertise to serve both national and international customers. 

High-quality gear systems

Huima Specials offers a wide range of high-quality gear systems. This range is characterized by top quality combined with competitive prices and fast delivery. Some of the features and advantages of our gear systems are the following:

  • Long life span
    As is a direct result of our choice for quality, our gear systems have proved to last longer.
  • Low maintenance
    Our gear systems require very little maintenance due to construction and lifetime lubrication
  • Easy to install
    The solid and compact construction makes the system relatively light. Installation is therefore simple and quick. The systems are easily set up.
  • Noiseless
    Thanks to the solid and compact construction our gear systems are almost silent
  • Safety
    The gear systems can be equipped with an electric limit switch, with or without an emergency stop. This option is an excellent addition in situations that require maximum safety.
  • High Efficiency
    Our gear systems are characterized by a low powerconsumption and thus environmental-friendly.
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